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Your child learns. It just needs the right feedback.

We make neurofeedback playfully simple and bring it to your home. Train with your child when and where you want. Flexible and without therapists.

Neurofeedback: proven for decades

Neurofeedback ist eine bewährte Methode, die seit langem in anderen Bereichen der Medizin und der Psychotherapie eingesetzt wird.

Neurofeedback, when used regularly, allows certain areas of the brain to be trained so that they can once again perform their optimal function.

Training with Brainhero can help your child to better cope with the challenges of everyday life.

*Brainhero does not cure your child’s autism or adhd, but naturally and individually nurtures it’s unique brain development (if trained according to recommendations). Your child also does not go through a “one size fits all” solution, but a rather personalized concept, that adapts to your child’s needs. Still, there are cases, we currently cannot help out, also called “contraindications” such as epilepsy, non-verbals and more (see all). Thus a personal first consultation call is necessary to evaluate, if Brainhero is the right fit for your situation.

Our Story

In the heart of Vienna, we dedicated the last 4 years to come up with an innovative therapy-solution for at-home-usage. Along this journey, we had to overcome many difficult obstacles. But finally, since October 2022 we got the MDR-approval and now can bring our innovation to your home.

The Brainhero Team

Passt Brainhero zu deinem Kind?

To find out, schedule an appointment with our Patient Care Team. But first, you should make sure that they meet the following criteria*:

*these criteria are necessary to secure the safety of our patients and to offer our services. You can find out more about contra-indications on the Indikationen, Sicherheit & Hinweise Seite.

Some things are better to discuss personally

Our Brainhero Care Team will be happy to help you!

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