With a very inspiring and amazingly productive 2-day workshop we kicked off our clinical research project serving the aims of our Brainhero – Embracing Neurodiversity project.

We brought together a team of exceptional experts to make a real difference in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders. Prof Olive Healy, Dr. Michael Melnychuk and Prof Paul Dockree from Trinity College Dublin joined forces with Prof Miguel Castelo-Branco, Dr. Catarina Pereira and Dr Susana Mouga from the University of Coimbra in a workshop led by our Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Elena Deliu and accompanied by our Head of Data Science Nicole Weinert and our Product Owner Huang Chen.

Corroborating inputs stemming from such outstanding experience in neurodevelopmental disorders, psychology, neuroscience, neurofeedback, clinical operations, data science and product development, we addressed essential clinical trial-related aspects and medical device product requirements.

Fully equipped to upgrade our medical products, we are all enthusiastic about the anticipated project outcomes, which will empower families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.