Autism and ADHD therapy for your child. From home.

No waiting lists. No local visits. No hidden costs.

"Striking need to catch up"
in the care of children with autism

A vast majority of families need to wait
1 year or even longer
before their child can start therapy.


Our AUTISM and ADHD THERAPY at a glance

Designed to support you and your family

Easy and safe
Our concept is a self-guided, at-home therapy program, certified (according to MDR) and based on neurofeedback.
For home-use
Over the course of 6 months your child with autism / ADHD can achieve therapeutic results from home.
No expert? No problem.
No need for prior expertise or an additional medical specialist. We provide you with everything you need (except a tablet) to start the therapy with your child.

Brainhero does not cure your child’s autism or ADHD, but naturally and individually supports children’s unique brain development.

However, to ensure the safety of our patients, we cannot offer Brainhero for every child. 

The therapy is not suitable for children with contraindications such as epilepsy or non-verbal children.
A personal initial consultation is necessary to evaluate if Brainhero is the right fit for your situation.

See what other parents report

"My son's attention has improved since the Brainhero therapy. According to the teachers at school, he now raises his hand in class and waits for his turn. He can also stay more focused on tasks alone. He is also able to have conversations with others more easily than before."

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"My son says what he wants since the Brainhero therapy. e.g. "I want to eat", then I ask what he wants and he answers me with the specific food. There was nothing like that until now. I also find it very nice that the therapy can be done from home with the caregivers - you can schedule it flexibly. Meanwhile, we enjoy the moments when he successfully completes therapy and even has fun doing it."

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"Since the Brainhero therapy, my son is more open towards other people, he can communicate better and has generally become more flexible. Whether the changes came because of Brainhero or not, I don't know. Nevertheless, I can only recommend the therapy. The communication channels to the support are short, the team is service-oriented and committed. Thank you Brainhero for the great support!"


Disclaimer: The pseudonymous testimonials given here are subjective experience reports. We cannot guarantee that all families will have the same positive experiences, since every child and every case is unique.

Supporting your child's unique brain development

Benefits for children with Autism

  • improved communication
  • improved adaptability
  • improved anger management
  • ...

Benefits for children with ADHD

  • improved ability to focus
  • decrease in hyperactive behavior
  • improved ability to organize oneself
  • ...

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Developed by parents of autistic daughter


My name is Christof and I have a daughter with autism.

It took us a while to get the correct diagnosis of autism.
Yes, my child is different. Maybe yours is too.

Yes, my child needs support. So do we as parents.

Yes, there are limited spots for therapy.  And yes, that’s frustrating.
You could just accept it. But we don’t.

My wife and I want our daughter to be able to live an independent life.
Because we won’t be around forever.
We want to give her all the opportunities she can get.

That’s why we founded Brainhero in 2018.

An at-home therapy program with neurofeedback, that adapts to your child’s needs AND your family schedule. So others can also see the potential that your child holds.”

Christof explains how Brainhero works

Possible side effects

 The therapeutic approaches we have used have not been associated with any side effects in children with autism or ADHD. Similar trainings in healthy adults have been associated with headaches, fatigue and mood swings. These effects were short-lived and disappeared completely after training. 

Read more about the safety of Brainhero on our Indications, Safety & Cautions page.

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Some things are better discussed in person

Our Brainhero Care Team is happy to help you make the right decision. Simply take a moment to register and arrange a non-binding consultation call.