About us

We are Brainhero GmbH, a life science startup based in Vienna. We help people with neurological impairments to live towards their full brain potential – to give them a chance to be an active member of society.

The Brainhero Team
The Brainhero Team

Life-written ideas.

That’ s the way it is. The best ideas and the corresponding strength and stamina usually come when you are affected yourself. This is what happened to Christof Götz and his wife Christine Hartlieb-Götz. Their daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. 

On the one hand, appropriate therapy and training sessions were hard to come by, on the other hand, it turned out that even these few sessions meant a lot of effort. The desire for an additional therapy and training option at home and the therapist’s recommendations gave rise to the idea of using neurofeedback in a mobile form. 

The two founded the company MyMind and set themselves the goal of developing a training method for home use that was as cheap and simple as possible. In cooperation with various experts, they came up with a concept for a computer game that is not controlled by buttons, but solely by brain activity: Brainhero

A future that needs vision

Brainhero’s vision is to help people with neurological impairments realise their full brain potential using affordable and widely available technologies that are easy to use. Thus, parallel to the development of Brainhero for children with ASD (=Autism Spectrum Disorder), the adapted solution for ADHD (=Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) diagnosed children and adolescents between 6 and 18 years of age has already been developed. At the same time, Brainhero is already working on promising topics in the field of dementia therapy.

Our values

Support everyone involved

We are passionate about supporting people with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders as well as their parents, guardians and caretakers.

Create Hassle-Free Products

Our products and services are designed to be accessible and easy to use to create an enjoyable user experience.

Always Put Safety First

The physical and psychological safety of our patients is our highest priority. Our products and services are designed, built, and verified to adhere to the highest safety and quality standards (e.g. ISO norms, MDR).

Seek New Ways To Help

We constantly explore and develop new approaches in therapy, early interventions as well as diagnostic aids to support our users‘ needs.

Make It Affordable

We design our products to keep costs low without sacrificing on quality, in order to limit the financial burden for our users. We are working actively on making our products and services eligible for reimbursement by health insurance funds.

Diverse & Inclusive

We believe in an inclusive society and want to help shape a world in which everyone can participate.

We appreciate neurodiverse people for who they are and don’t seek to change them.


The physical and psychological safety of our users is our highest priority. We continously work to make sure that our products and services adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. Our certificates show that we take this very seriously and prove that we successfully established all necessary legal requirements to build safe products for our customers and users.

Brainhero GmbH has been ISO-13485 certified by TÜV Sued.