Improving your family's life is what matters most to us.

Making your life and the one of your child better, so you can withstand the challenges of everyday life is our biggest priority.

What you can expect from the therapy

Average benefits after our 6 months therapy program


Kids with Autism

Higher motivation to play with other children
Improved communication: written and verbal.
Improved ability to detect dangers (e.g. hot objects).
Reduced self-injurious behaviour.
Increased behavioural flexibility (less tendency to rigid routines).
Improved ability to accept helpful suggestions.
Improved anger management (due to constructive criticism).
Reduced repetitive behaviour and restricted interests.
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Kids with ADHD

Improved ability to focus.
Lower distractibility by external factors (e.g. noise, smells, etc.)
Reduction in hyperactive behavior.
Reduction in impulsive behavior.
Improved ability to control oneself.
Improved memory.
Improved ability to organize oneself.
Improved ability to remain calm in situations that require silence.
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Possible side effects: The therapeutic approaches we have used have not been associated with any side effects in children with ADHD or autism. Similar trainings in healthy adults have been associated with headaches, fatigue and mood swings. These effects were short-lived and disappeared completely after training. More about Indications, Safety & Cautions.

Designed to make your life easier

Benefits for your family

  • No waiting time for a therapy Your child can start therapy right a way and make use of the time you might wait for other therapies to start.
  • Designed for sensitive children We know that children with Autism/ADHD can be very sensitive when wearing things on their head. Our headband is designed to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Where your child feels most comfortable The Brainhero therapy takes place where your child feels most comfortable: home.
  • Easy to use Neurofeedback might sound very technical, but we made it very easy for you to use. We regularly conduct Usability tests with families just like yours to gather feedback and constantly improve the app.
  • Play an active role in your child's therapy! Actively participate in your child's therapy sessions instead of waiting outside in the waiting room.
  • Developed by affected parents Brainhero was founded by Christof Goetz, who developed the therapy with experts to help his autistic daughter.

Frequently asked questions

For most children, an improvement in social interaction is noticeable after a total of 10 hours of training (120 sessions). For this to happen, it is absolutely necessary that your child trains regularly for at least 3 months.


Some things are better discussed in person

Our Brainhero Care Team is happy to help you make the right decision. Simply take a moment to register and arrange a non-binding consultation call.