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EIC Accelerator project Brainhero - Embracing Neurodiversity

Science-based Brain Training at the comfort of your home – medically certified

Supporting children's unique brain development

The EIC project in short

  • upgrade and further personalization of current Brainhero products to expand the target patient group

  • extend product availability in the EU and potentially worldwide

  • enable collaborations with stakeholders to support families and therapists of the target patient population

  • dissemination of project results in an extended network of stakeholders

A large percentage of children with ASD or ADHD need extensive support, causing significant financial and psychological burdens on their caregivers. The quality of life of these children’s families is often suboptimal, with stress, depression, and anxiety often affecting multiple parties involved. 

Brainhero has already committed to providing support for these patients and their families, by launching the first CE-certified medical products complying with the Medical Device Regulation (EU 2017/754) for home-based neurofeedback therapy. 

Provided no epilepsy and no severe intellectual disability are associated with the ASD or ADHD diagnoses, the affected children can benefit from effective training in the comfort of their home, with a very comfortable headset, alleviating their symptomatology. 

The ease of use, affordability, immediate availability (no waiting time for therapy), and training schedule adjustable to the family’s schedule are further approaches via which we looked to empower the families of the affected children.

ASD and ADHD frequently (20-80%) come in conjunction with additional diagnoses, such as epilepsy, intellectual disability (low IQ), language impairment, developmental delay, anxiety, or depression. 

To upgrade our products and expand our target group, as well as democratize access to neurofeedback therapy, we recently obtained EIC Accelerator grant support for our Brainhero – Embracing Neurodiversity project

The EIC Accelerator is a funding program designed for innovative, game-changing products, services or business models that could create new markets or disrupt existing ones in Europe or worldwide.

Within this project, Brainhero seamlessly merges a portable, cost-effective hardware component with its proprietary software, thereby granting access to mobile training and advanced functionalities. This package is characterized by its ease of use, slashing setup time from 15 minutes to a mere 2 minutes. 

Moreover, Brainhero significantly cuts down the expenses associated with EEG hardware by a factor of 10 and trims therapy costs by 60%, thus enabling the potential expansion of its services to a larger number of patients. 

By introducing home-based therapy, our users enjoy enhanced convenience, sidestep the need for travel and navigate other logistical challenges, customize their scheduling to suit individual needs, and revel in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. 

What’s more, the training software is personalized to align with each patient’s unique brain profile, optimizing the training process toward achieving neurotypical levels. 

In comparison to weekly, one-on-one clinical sessions, Brainhero upgrades will extend training time by a factor of 10 and significantly lightens the financial burden on parents.

Latest Project Updates

With a very inspiring and amazingly productive 2-day workshop we kicked off our clinical research project serving the aims of our Brainhero – Embracing Neurodiversity project.

We brought together a team of exceptional experts to make a real difference in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders. Prof Olive Healy, Dr. Michael Melnychuk and Prof Paul Dockree from Trinity College Dublin joined forces with Prof Miguel Castelo-Branco, Dr. Catarina Pereira and Dr Susana Mouga from the University of Coimbra in a workshop led by our Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Elena Deliu and accompanied by our Head of Data Science Nicole Weinert and our Product Owner Huang Chen.

Corroborating inputs stemming from such outstanding experience in neurodevelopmental disorders, psychology, neuroscience, neurofeedback, clinical operations, data science and product development, we addressed essential clinical trial-related aspects and medical device product requirements.

Fully equipped to upgrade our medical products, we are all enthusiastic about the anticipated project outcomes, which will empower families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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