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Florentina, mother of a son reports

What made you decide to try Brainhero?

We read about neurofeedback therapies a long time ago, but didn’t dare yet because we thought he was still so young and head contact with anything was a big problem. His therapist at “Autistenhilfe” advised us to do it and we agreed.

Why did you finally decide to use Brainhero?

His therapist at “Autistenhilfe” advised us to do so.

What is your experience with Brainhero training?

The first days were very difficult, he didn’t want to carry the EEG device and he didn’t understand that he shouldn’t touch anything. He tried to play the game like other games – but now after a few days he understands it.

How is your child doing with it?

By now very well – he knows what to do and mostly sticks to it. Sometimes he is distracted, but I don’t think it’s bad – after a short distraction he is back in the game.

What has changed positively as a result of the training?

We have the feeling that there is constantly something changing with him…. He has become calmer, he knows what he is doing; but what has changed with him – maybe not easy for all involved, because he was not before – but very important for me – is his assertiveness – he knows what he wants and if he doesn’t want something, then he doesn’t do it; of course there is a lot of work involved here, because he can’t always run according to his will, but after he has understood, he will definitely still learn – we are still at the beginning of the therapy – if it continues like this, our goals will surely be reached. Example: He says “I want to eat”, I ask him what he wants and he answers me with the certain food. He wants to go to bed with his dad and when I go with him, however, he continues to say that he wants to go with his dad. There was nothing like that until now. As already written, on the one hand it is not easy, but he expresses his wishes and for us it was the most important thing!

Would you recommend Brainhero to other parents and their children?

In any case, since we have noticed changes after such a short time, it certainly makes sense. The fluctuations in between are there in every therapy, you should see them positively and be happy about them. Every change has its importance. One should be patient, the beginning is not easy – until the child understands that it is nothing dangerous and the game depends on his feelings. Furthermore, I find it very nice that this therapy can be done from home with the caregivers. You can schedule it flexibly, there is no such thing as too early or too late. We as caregivers now enjoy these moments when he successfully completes the therapy and even has fun doing it.

Disclaimer: The testimonials given here are subjective experience reports. We cannot guarantee that all families will have the same positive experiences, since every child and every case is unique.

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