Brainhero Partner werden

Petra, mother of a son reports

How did you hear about Brainhero?


Why did you finally decide to use Brainhero?

I made myself available as a test person. That’s how I gained confidence and decided to use Brainhero.

What is your experience with the Brainhero training?


How is your child doing with it?

Very well

What has changed at home since the training?

His attention has improved. According to the teachers: He now raises his hand in class and waits for his turn and only speaks when asked. (being able to withstand tension) Social interaction has improved (having dialogues) and being able to complete tasks on his own (staying focused).

Would you recommend Brainhero to other parents and their children? If yes - why?

Yes, I already do. Being able to incorporate effective therapy into everyday life is the best thing you can offer families. It saves so much time and is an easy to implement form of therapy for self use.

Is there anything else you would like to pass along to parents who are currently considering Brainhero therapy for their child? If so, what?

I would recommend every parent to start a trial with neurofeedback to get a feeling for it. Then you can better put yourself in the child’s place. It is a form of therapy where even as a parent you cannot measure the effect at the same time. It would be important to keep a kind of diary. The best way to start is to think about what you want for your child. “What do you want to be better after than before?” I for myself have been very honest with it and have noted points such as: 1) be concentrated and focused, e.g. when reading, not turning away all the time but being able to stay on it. 2) In a dialogue, if he has asked a question, wait for the answer or to consider the conversation as a “ping pong game”. Only one person can have the ball at a time. It is important to create indicators for oneself and also, if necessary, to include all those who have to deal with the child on a regular basis in the evaluation. In 1:1 the experience is different than in the group.

Disclaimer: The testimonials given here are subjective experience reports. We cannot guarantee that all families will have the same positive experiences, since every child and every case is unique.

Want to create your own success story?

Brainhero can support your child’s unique brain development. Please keep in mind that Brainhero is not the perfect fit for every child. Certain requirements need to be met before we can recommend training with Brainhero.