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Pricing Overview

Base package

Get 3 month access to Brainhero therapy and train up to 20 hours with the Brainhero App.

Train at least one hour per week to start noticing changes after 6-8 weeks. Train more, notice changes sooner. 

3 months access for only


Plus €300 deposit for rental equipment. Price incl. VAT

Extension package

Happy so far but need more time to complete 20 hours of therapy?

You can extend the therapy duration for another 3 months to reach even better results. The max. training time is limited to 20 hours.

 add 3 months:


bookable after completing the base package

This is what you will get:

Taking small steps every day pays off

We created a program, where your child does not have to go through overwhelming therapy-sessions, but instead take regularly small steps from home.

With consistent training (approx. 1 hour per week), the first positive changes, such as an improvement in social interaction, become noticeable after 6-8 weeks on average (see all benefits here).

Frequently asked questions

Although, some private health insurance companies do cover the costs of our therapy, the public health insurance currently does not. We work very hard to make reimbursement through the public health insurance possible in the future.

Clinic-based neurofeedback costs between 80-120€ per hour. With Brainhero, you can influence the hourly price yourself. You can train for up to 20 hours for €499 within 3 months. This is equivalent to as little as € 24,95 per hour.

We are renting out the equipment to lower the costs for families. After the therapy is over, you return the device and after a check if everything works, your receive the deposit back (Terms and Conditions apply).

Rest assured: All our devices are subjected to rigid testing to ensure high quality and safety for our customers and their children.

After submitting your order, you will receive 2 invoices (one for the therapy, one for the deposit). After receipt of payment we will send your package to you.

The deposit will be refunded after the end of the therapy and return of the rental equipment. You can find more details in our general terms and conditions.

Is Brainhero right for your child?

Answer 4 questions and find out!

Is Brainhero right for your child?

Answer 4 questions and find out!