Is Brainhero right for your child?

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What diagnosis did your child receive from a specialist?

*Here you will find a list of all diagnostic codes
for which Brainhero is approved.

How old is your child?

What describes your child's verbal communication best?

Has your child been diagnosed with epilepsy in the past?

Brainhero is suitable
for your child!

Your child fulfils all the necessary
requirements for Brainhero therapy.

Please note that the therapy is currently only available for families in Germany and Austria.

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Unfortunately, Brainhero is NOT suitable for your child!

The therapy, which is done independently at home, is only approved for patients who fulfil certain requirements. You can find out more about the requirements under Indications, Safety & Cautions.

As Brainhero is not suitable for your child, we have compiled a list of facilities that offer neurofeedback under professional guidance. There, the therapy can be customised to your child's individual needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Brainhero is only approved for children who meet certain requirements concerning age, diagnosis and exclusion criteria. You can find out more on the Indications, Safety & Cautions page.

Brainhero is a CE-certified medical device for the use of which certain requirements must be met (see  Indications, Safety & Cautions page). For anything beyond this, please contact your doctor or therapist.