A therapy that is aligned with your calender. Not the other way around.

Over the course of 6 months, your child trains whenever and wherever works best for you.

Your therapy with Brainhero



Initial phone consultation


Ordering our therapy equipment


Getting familiar with the program on your own


Train regularly with your child


Finish the therapy

From Start to Finish

Let's walk you through the therapy!


Take the first step: your initial consultation

An initial call with our Brainhero Care Team will help you decide if the therapy is right for you and your child.

Together we go through all your questions and the criteria to start with the therapy. Read more about the criteria here.

Registration is necessary before the initial consultation.
We take the protection of your data serious. Your personal account gives you access to fully control your personal data.



When cleared by our Brainhero Care Team after your consultation, you can order Brainhero on our website.

During this step, you will measure your child's head, so we can prepare the wearable EEG in the right size. A tutorial video will show you how you do that.


Getting familiar

When you received the wearable EEG, download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For best training results, you as a parent must first understand how everything works.

The app supports you step-by-step. After the tutorial you can start directly with the therapy.

The Brainhero therapy requires a tablet. It is not part of the package you receive at the start of the therapy.


Regular training at home without a medical specialist

Now your child and you have the important task of developing a routine together for your at-home therapy.

Your goal is to train together for 60 minutes every week. We recommend 15 minutes every other day.

Note: Even if your child doesnʻt feel like training, you should always motivate him or her to do so. In the end, itʻs like muscle training: only regular training will lead to noticeable changes.

Just you and your child

6 month regular training



Time to celebrate

After 20h our training you successfully finished the therapy! This should take 6 month at most.

The positive changes you noticed after 6-8 hours should be even more present now. 

After the therapy you will send the rented wearable EEG device back and after a check, we refund the deposit.

Your Benefits

Helping your child master everyday life

Benefits for children with Autism

  • improved communication
  • improved adaptability
  • improved anger management
  • ...

Benefits for children with ADHD

  • improved ability to focus
  • decrease in hyperactive behavior
  • improved ability to organize oneself
  • ...

Experience the therapy first hand before you decide

30 day trial

Try out Brainhero for free

Benefit from our 30 day free trial period and let your child try out Brainhero in your own living room.

Other ways to try out Brainhero:

Upcoming Events

We regularly host events to give everyone the chance to try out Brainhero.

Become Usability Tester

To make sure that what we support families as good as possible, we are regularly looking for participants for Usability Tests.

Frequently asked questions

For most children, an improvement in social interaction is noticeable after 6-8 hours of training. For this to happen, it is absolutely necessary that your child trains regularly at least 1 hour per week.

Regularity is the key to success!

As parents, you motivate your child and make sure that you train regularly. It is especially important to achieve 10 hours of training in the first 3 months so that successes can be seen.

Don't worry, the Brainhero app always shows your current progress and tells you if you need to pick up the pace.

Just remember: 15 mins every second day is what this program is aiming for.


Some things are better discussed in person

Our Brainhero Care Team is happy to help you make the right decision. Simply take a moment to register and arrange a non-binding consultation call.