The Therapy

The 20 hour Neurofeedback therapy with Brainhero can be conducted independently at the comfort of your own home – whenever fits your and your child’s schedule.

Here you find all the details to get started!

Our therapy will be available starting June 2022!

Want to be among the first participants?
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What does the therapy journey look like?

Here is an overview about the therapy process – scroll down to read all the details!


Initial Consultation

In an initial consultation with our Brainhero Care Team, we assess if the therapy is right for you and your child.



After the initial interview, you can login and order Brainhero on the website.


Getting Familiar

Upon arrival, you learn how to use the EEG device by completing our interactive tutorial in the Brainhero app.


Regular Training

Train with your child regularly.
It is up to you how long and often you train as long as you
reach 10h of training within 3 months.


End of Therapy

Once the therapy plan is full you sucessfully finished 20h of Neurofeedback therapy!
Call the Brainhero Care Team to discuss next steps!

First things first

What happens during the initial consultation?

In a non-binding initial phone consultation with the Brainhero Care Team, we will find out together whether Brainhero is suitable for you and your child. 

We will answer all your questions and talk about everything you need to know for a successful therapy.

Mask group


How do I order Brainhero?

After you received approval from the Brainhero Care Team during the consulation, you can login and order Brainhero on the website.

We will ask you to measure the head of your child, to provide you with the correct headband size so that the EEG device sits where it is supposed to.

Please be aware, that you need to have a tablet to train with the Brainhero app.

Is Brainhero right for your child?

To find out, schedule an appointment with our Brainhero Care Team. But first, you should make sure that they meet the following

*these criteria are necessary to secure the safety of our patients and to offer our services. You can find out more about contra-indications on the Indications, Safety & Cautions page.

Why Rental?

Our EEG is a rental device that needs to be sent back when the therapy has ended. 

But rest assured: all our devices are subjected to rigid testing to ensure high quality and safety for our customers and their children.

The deposit fee of € 300 is remitted after returning the device.

Upon Arrival

How do I use the EEG device?

The Brainhero app teaches you how to use the EEG with an interactive tutorial. Once you finished the tutorial and a training round yourself, you can support your child during the training.

Tracking Progress

What is a Therapy plan?

Brainhero includes a printed therapy plan that helps you and your child to keep track of the therapy progress.

Using the therapy plan is mandatory to ensure that the goal of 20 hours of Neurofeedback training is not exceeded.

For every completed training unit in the app (approx. 5 minutes), your child earned a sticker to put into the therapy plan.

Once your therapy plan is completely full it means that your child successfully finished the 20 h Neurofeedback therapy.

The Therapy plan...

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Finishing up

What happens after the therapy?

Once you finished the therapy plan, you stop training and contact our Patient Care Team to discuss the results and potential next steps.

The Customer Care Team will then give you instructions on how to send back the EEG device in its original packaging.

Upon arrival, the device will be checked for completeness and damages. Afterwards, the return of the deposit will be initiated.

Noticing changes

When can I expect results?

For most children, an improvement in social interaction is noticeable after a total of 10 hours of training. For this to happen, it is absolutely necessary that your child trains regularly for several months.

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