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Here we have prepared relevant training information for you, depending on how far along you are with the training.

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As a parent and training partner, you are critical for the training’s success

  • You make sure that your child makes an effort to control the game during the training and doesn’t just wait for the time to pass.

  • You motivate verbally and with small rewards if you like.

  • You also make sure that your child sticks to the rules for training:

    • Eyes on the screen (so you can see how the hero moves)

    • No talking

    • No chewing gum

    • Sit still

    • No grimacing

    • Train in a quiet environment

More tips

Your child needs you on his team as a training partner and for that you have to try the training yourself!

Therefore, at the start of the therapy, YOU go through the tutorial yourself and learn how everything works. Plan about 20 minutes for this. After that you know how everything works and you can help your child with the training.

To help your child adjust to what’s coming up, you can watch the tutorial videos together. Explain to your child how the training works in general and decide together on times that you will set aside for regular training.

To the videos

A personal tip from Brainhero founder Christof: Make an agreement with each other!

Write in the agreement that there will be a reward and what the reward will be when you reach the 20h training goal and both sign.

The idea behind it: If the motivation is lacking, you can remind your child of the agreement and the upcoming reward.

Download Template (English)

Download Template (German)

Start of the training!

Please make sure that the headband actually fits snugly on your child’s head. The headband should not slip, but it should also not be so tight that it hurts.

If the headband does not fit your child, please contact the Brainhero Care Team ( to arrange for a replacement.

That’s exactly what you have to figure out! Every brain is different, which means everyone has to figure out for themselves how they can move the hero.

The strategies might differ from one training session to another and from day to day. Don’t get frustrated if this is the case. Continue to try to control the hero with your thoughts.

To help you out, we’ve collected strategies on how others manage to control the game. Try them out and see if they work for you!

To the strategies

Basically, the more often and longer, the sooner results can be seen. You should train at least 60 minutes per week.

3 training units (approx. 15 min) in one go and doing this 4 times per week are ideal. Also good: 2 units (approx. 10 min), but Mon-Sat.

Note in the calendar when you want to train or when you actually trained and also how it went. This way you will find the ideal rhythm for you over time.

It is important for the success of the therapy that you are always present at the training and support and motivate your child. Just like in soccer, you take on the role of coach and keep an eye on what your child is doing.


    • Eyes on the screen (so you can see how the hero moves)

    • No talking

    • No chewing gum

    • Sit still

    • No grimacing

    • Train in a quiet environment

It is important that you do not train in a hurry, even if things are going haywire. Take your time and train in peace, so you create ideal training conditions for optimal results.

You may have the impression that the hero flies up or down involuntarily. This could well be normal until the very end of the training. The brain learns through the constant visual feedback and over time unconsciously knows what to do to control the character.

Strategies can help you, but you’ll get better results if you manage to move the hero without trying to be consciously aware of them.

Even brushing your teeth every day only became a routine through regular repetition until you do it almost automatically. The same is true for this training. Create your own ritual – this will make it easier for you to stick to the schedule.

More tips

Difficult behavioural patterns of your child have increased? Don’t worry, as with other therapies, some symptoms may aggravate in the beginning. Our experience has shown that negative changes in behaviour are short-lived. In this case, it is even a sign that your child is responding particularly well to therapy.

If you are unsure – talk to us! +43 (0) 1 997 42 94

After 6-8h of training, the phase when you notice positive changes begins. Perhaps you have already noticed that your child has become calmer or seeks more contact with peers. Pay attention to this consciously, but don’t be upset if there are no or only a few changes. Every child is different.

When you train your muscles, at some point you need heavier weights to get even bigger muscles. This is exactly what happens with Brainhero! In order to get better and better, the training becomes more and more difficult.

It can also happen that the previous strategy to control the hero suddenly doesn’t work anymore, because your brain is already trained and needs more stimulation. This is normal! Just try something else.

You can buy new saline solutions at the pharmacy. But you can also make them yourself. Simply mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

If you are absolutely sure that your child will follow the rules, you can let your child train alone. Check from time to time if the rules are really followed, otherwise the child will not benefit from the training.

You find more about the rules in our first tip

You are almost halfway through the training! Good job!

We would like to know how you are doing with your training and invite you to a Check-In as soon as you have trained for 10 hours or 3 months! In order for us to have the conversation with you, we need your explicit consent to the “additional service of training advice”. You can edit your consent at any time in the customer area on the website, if you are logged in.

Login and check consents

You have reached half of the training or even more! Very well done!

We are happy if you share your experiences, successes or difficulties with us during the Check-In.

We will also be happy to give you personal training tips. However, we need your explicit consent for the “additional service of training advice” to have that conversation with you. You can edit your consent at any time in the customer area of the website when you are logged in.

If you have checked the “Post Market Surveillance” box, we would also be happy to learn more about your personal assessment of your training success so far.

Please contact us to make an appointment for the Check-In: or +43 (0) 1 997 42 94

Log in and check consents

It can happen that you need to pause the training because of unexpected events or illness. In this case, please make sure that you make up for the missed units, e.g. by always training one unit more than usual.

Training methods may work one day and the next time you train, what you did before, does not work anymore. This is quite normal.

If you’re running out of ideas, we’ve collected strategies from others that can serve as inspiration.

To the strategies

When training becomes more difficult, finding motivation often becomes more difficult as well. Take a moment and think about what changes you can already notice. What was the daily routine like before you started training and what is it like now? Positive changes can be a good motivation to keep going! Keep at it, you can do it!

More tips for the training

You will soon be done with the training! Train a few more times and you’ve made it!

Did you make an agreement with each other at the beginning? It can be a good motivation for the last “meters” to the finish line! Take it out and hang it up in a visible place.

The app will tell you when you have reached 20 hours of training. If you reach this goal in less than 6 months, that’s great!

When you have completed the 20h therapy, contact us to make an appointment for the Offboarding Call.

At this meeting we would like to know your personal assessment of the training success. For this we need your explicit consent regarding the “Post Market Surveillance”. You can edit your consent at any time in the customer area of the website when you are logged in.

Login and check consents

You did it!

Amazing!!! You have finished the therapy! Congratulations!

We are already very excited about what has changed for you through the training and look forward to the Offboarding Call with you!

To make an appointment, send us an email at or call us at +43 (0) 1 997 42 94.

Finishing the therapy is an amazing achievement! You can be proud of it! Do something nice together to celebrate your success!

Ideally, you use the original packaging for the return shipment of the device. This ensures that everything arrives safely.

You can find detailed shipping instructions in the FAQs under “Rental, Deposit and Return”. We will also send you all the details by e-mail after the Offboarding Call.

To the FAQs

As soon as you have returned the device and we have checked the package for completeness and functionality, we will transfer the deposit back to you.

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